Enjoy a Fine Steak at Malio’s

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Fine dining restaurants in Tampa are plentiful, whether it's traditional Italian fare or specialized French cuisine. But when it comes to steakhouses in Tampa, Malio's Steakhouse tops the list. When you're in the mood for a night out on the town or an exceptional lunchtime experience, Malio's has wined and dined its patrons with the finest in USDA … [Read more...]

Why You Should Use Outdoor Rugs in Your Indoor Decorating


When it comes to redecorating a room, there are so many ways to update a look. For a unique look that is stylish and cost-efficient, try using an outdoor rug indoors. There are four great reasons to bring your rug inside: Affordable. Compared to some wool and silk indoor rugs, outdoor/indoor rugs are cost-effective and enable you to keep up with decor … [Read more...]

Visit the Stores at University Mall

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If you're looking for a cool escape into the shopping malls in Tampa this summer, visit the stores at the University Mall. Among those recently opened are Extreme Elegance Salon & Spa, located on the upper level, and edgeLook, a women's apparel retailer, located between Center Court and Hibbett Sports on the lower level. Are you interested in … [Read more...]

Rock With Fall Out Boy and Paramore in Tampa

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Get ready to rock the night away with the upcoming concerts in Tampa. Fall Out Boy and Paramore have teamed up to present one of the hottest pop-punk tours this year, and you can be there at the MidFlorida Ampitheatre on July 26th when they hit Tampa! Monumentour is a 30 city concert tour featuring Fall Out Boy, Paramore and alternative rock band New … [Read more...]

Make Dinner Plans at Osteria Natalina

Italian restaurants in Tampa

Are you looking for authentic Italian restaurants in Tampa? Then dining at Osteria Natalina is just the place for you – the home of authentic, homemade Italian food. Spartaco is the owner and the menu reflects his birthplace Rimini, on the Adriatic side of Italy, with an emphasis on seafood and home made pasta. The atmosphere at the Osteria Natalina is … [Read more...]

Enjoy Comedy at its Finest with The Cemetery Club

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The days are often long and the weeks seem never-ending; there always seems to be work to do. When the weekend comes, it's time to relax and find great entertainment in Tampa. If you are looking for some delightful weekend fun, there are many comedy shows in Tampa you can attend, one being The Cemetery Club by Ivan Menchell. This bittersweet comedy … [Read more...]

Experience Fine Dining at L’Eden

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There are plenty of great places to go around town for happy hour and fine living. But when you’re looking for a place to take a special someone, only the best French restaurants in Tampa will do. Treat your date to a night out with dinner at L’Eden. While there are plenty of French dishes to enjoy, L’Eden also prepares a wonderful selection of … [Read more...]

Choosing the Perfect Curtains for Your Tampa Apartment


  Choosing the right curtains is key to making your Tampa apartment at Mosaic Westshore shine. Our apartments are classy and modern, but they still manage to feel warm and inviting. You want to choose curtains that will compliment the home while still displaying your own personal style, making it feel like home. We have some advice to help you … [Read more...]

Train Your Pet at Courteous Canine


Have you tried to train your dog or cat on your own and wish to learn other methods? If so, then it's time to consider pet training near Tampa at Courteous Canine. Not only are there plenty of helpful classes and instruction available, but the type of intervention offered is highly effective and long-term. Whether you need a private, one-on-one, … [Read more...]

See Exotic Animals at Repticon


If you are one of the many people who enjoy events in Tampa, summer is a great time to be living in this city on the Panhandle. For instance, reptile pet owners have an upcoming event that is sure to have them scrambling when Repticon arrives at the Florida State Fairgrounds, where they'll get an opportunity to see exotic animals. Repticon is scheduled … [Read more...]